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All About Barber Lineup

What is Barber Lineup?

Our app is an exclusive online concierge for everyone and anyone in the Barber community. Whether you’re a veteran of the industry or just developing an interest in the field, we will provide you with up-to-date information to make sure your skills are on point. We will keep you in the loop on barbering, men’s cutting related courses, events, shows, etc., both nationally and internationally! Consider us your one-stop destination for the latest on training, local events, and hair products.

Our Mission

We want to empower barbers and hairstylists around the world by cultivating their skills and becoming better businesspeople. We take the power of education seriously. We embrace community and personal development knowing it leads to proven results. We ensure our members are always connected to the latest educational opportunities such as local classes, webinars, hands-on training, expos, and the current trends in the industry.

Barber Lineup App

Features That Matter

Booking classes/salon/shop education 24/7

Educators creating their own schedules

Barber classes/events/shows listed all over the world

Personalized calendar for reminders

Benefits of Barber Lineup

  • Mastering barber basics

  • Staying current with trends and techniques

  • Building business behind the chair and shop business

  • As hair stylists, we rarely get vacations. So why not take a class in a different city or country? Get inspired!

  • Stay inspired! Show off your new skills with other barbers/stylists and on your clients!

  • Stand out from the crowd!


Events / Classes
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Join Our Community

Becoming a member of our community will benefit all levels. We welcome those considering beauty school, currently enrolled in a barbering or men’s cutting program, recent graduates, working professionals, and even those already running their own salon, shop, or beauty business.

These valuable networking materials can help you make connections in the field, advance your education in the beauty circle, as well as give you the opportunity to talk to other professionals just like you.

Barber Lineup has compiled a comprehensive list of courses to consider, making it easier for you to start your journey in making connections and expanding your knowledge in your industry.

Don’t get left behind… Join today and take advantage of all the tools that Barber Lineup will provide.

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